Modular smart meters

Modular smart meters


Three-phase modular smart meter for residential consumers

ST100 is a three-phase modular meter designed for direct connection to grid and measurement of energy consumption of residential consumers. ST100 can also be implemented in single-phase networks. AMI system integration is enabled by connecting optional plug-in communication module (CMxyS – PLC or GPRS/3G) and switching module (SD30S) via M-Bus connection. Both plug-in modules are simply mounted under the terminal cover. ST100 is compliant with all relevant standards and regulations.

Key Features

  • Integrated real-time clock with DST
  • RS485 port
  • Optical port
  • Fraud detection
  • No-power reading and parametrization
  • Energy quality measurement
  • Functional inputs/outputs
  • Firmware update
  • Data security