Meter&Control manufactures complete hardware and software solutions for massive rollouts of AMI systems.

Production and verification processes, EU compliance and interoperability, are approved by the leading industry certificates:

ISO/IEC 17020 Inspection body type C

MID-D certificate on production quality system

EU-type examination certificate (MID B)

METAS MID B certificate issued by Swiss Federal Bureau of Metrology

Type test reports issued by NMi Laboratories,The Netherlands


IDIS Packages 1 and 2

EU Directive 2014/32/EU (MID B+D)

ITU G.9903/08-2017 (G3-PLC)

IEC 62052-11

IEC 62053-21

IEC 62053-23

EN 50470-1,3

IEC 62055-31

IEC 60529

IEC 17020:2012
MID module B certificate issued by NMI Certin
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ST310 modular meter

Modular smart meters

CODA11 data concentrator

Data concentrators