Data concentrators

Data concentrators


Data concentrator

Interoperability according to DLMS/COSEM

CODA11 data concentrator provides communication between AMI center and electricity meters. Communication with electricity meters is carried over PLC, while the communication with AMI center is established over GPRS/3G/LTE network or Ethernet port using TCP/IP protocol. CODA11 provides reading, parameterization and management of meters, either automatically by a pre-defined schedule, or on request of the AMI center. CODA11 automatically detects and registers newly installed meters on the PLC network.

Key Features

  • PLC channel for communication with meters
  • GPRS/3G/LTE channel for communication with AMI center
  • Ethernet port for communication with AMI center or local access
  • RS485 port for local communication with metersand external devices
  • RS232 port for communication with external devices
  • Plug&Play
  • Works with up to 1 024 meters
  • Firmware update
  • Automatic recovery
  • Internal Real-Time Clock with DST