The entire research, development, production and verification process takes place at our integrated facility in Belgrade.

Production and verification processes, EU compliance and interoperability, are approved by the leading industry certificates:

ISO/IEC 17020 Inspection body type C

MID-D certificate on production quality system

EU-type examination certificate (MID B)

METAS MID B certificate issued by Swiss Federal Bureau of Metrology

Type test reports issued by NMi Laboratories,The Netherlands


IDIS Packages 1 and 2

EU Directive 2014/32/EU (MID B+D)

ITU G.9903/08-2017 (G3-PLC)

IEC 62052-11

IEC 62053-21

IEC 62053-23

EN 50470-1,3

IEC 62055-31

IEC 60529

IEC 17020:2012
MID module B certificate issued by NMI Certin
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ST310 modular meter

Modular smart meters

CODA11 data concentrator

Data concentrators