Modular smart meters


New smart modular meters for green energy transition

FLEXY are smart electronic meters for measurement of active, reactive and apparent electrical energy, with direct or CT connection to three-phase and single-phase networks. The new platform allows the use of various communication technologies by easy replacement of communication modem. LTE NB IoT and CAT M1 communication technologies are supported, as well as G3-PLC in CENELEC A and FCC frequency range and hybrid RF-PLC solution. This allows utilities to keep pace with fast transitions and evolutions of communication technologies within meter lifetime and to choose a smart metering concept according to their needs. FLEXY series feature high level of security, wide range of measurement data much beyond classic billing data, and various interfaces toward smart home and other external systems. FLEXY empower utilities with data necessary for successful handling of ongoing energy market transformation.

Key Features

  • Measurement of electrical values (total and per phase)
  • Exchangeable communication modem
  • Replaceable real-time clock battery
  • Flexible tariff policy with up to 8 tariffs
  • Two measurement principles including Ferraris method suitable for prosumers
  • Two RS485 ports
  • Support for In-Home Display with easy accessible RJ12 connector
  • Variety of additional input/output options available on demand (relays, pulse outputs, inputs and other)
  • Integrated switching device
  • MID certified
  • High level data security
  • IDIS2 interoperability
  • Fraud detection
  • Load profiles
  • Power limit
  • Event logs
  • Measurement of energy quality
  • Firmware update
  • M-Bus port for G, W, H meters reading (optionally Wireless M-Bus)