Plug-in GPRS/3G communication module

CM2yS is the series of plug-in communication modules designed for easy integration of modular meters in AMI systems. They provide direct data exchange between electricity meters and AMI center via GPRS/3G network. Communication modules are simply mounted under the terminal protective cover and use RS485 port for communication with meter. Meters with installed communication modules are are compliant with IEC 62052-11 and IEC 62053-21. All modules support DLMS/COSEM protocol.

Key Features

  • Plug-in
  • Auto-configuration according to the parameters stored in meters
  • Automatic recovery
  • RS485 port for communication with meter
  • Additional port for connecting to RS485 bus
  • GPRS/3G channel for communication with AMI center
  • Visual communication LED
  • Call identification
  • Data protection
  • Independent power supply