Sx401 S-FSK


PLC modem and switching device

Sx401 is the series of three-phase and single-phase smart meters designed for measurement of electrical energy of residential, commercial and industrial consumers, with integrated communication and switching modules for remote reading and power management via PLC data concentrator (S-FSK). Single-phase meters are available in direct grid connection, while three-phase meters are available in both direct and CT connection. All functions are compliant with the following specifications and standards: IDIS, DLMS/COSEM, IEC 62052-11, IEC 62053-21/22/23, EN 50470-1/3 (MID), ITU G.9903/08-2017 (G3-PLC),  and M-Bus.

Key Features

  • Integrated PLC modem (S-FSK)
  • IDIS interoperability
  • MID certificate
  • Internal real-time clock with DST
  • Flexible tariff policy with up to 4 tariffs
  • Maximum demand
  • Optical port
  • Fraud detection
  • No-power reading and parameterization