Integrated smart meters

Integrated smart meters


PLC modem and switching device

IDIS and DLMS/COSEM interoperability

Sx401 is the series of three-phase and single-phase integrated smart meters designed for measurement of active and reactive electrical energy of residential, commercial and industrial consumers/prosumers with communication and switching modules. Communication and power management with PLC data concentrator is via S-FSK or G3-PLC protocol. Single-phase meter is available in direct grid connection, while three-phase model is available in both direct and CT connection. Sx401 support IDIS and DLMS/COSEM interoperability.

Key Features

  • IDIS interoperability
  • MID certificate
  • Integrated PLC modem
  • Internal real-time clock with DST
  • Flexible tariff policy with up to 4 tariffs
  • Maximum demand
  • Optical port
  • Fraud detection
  • No-power reading and parameterization