Sx402 S LTE / CAT M1 / NB-IoT

Sx402 S

Cellular modem and switching device

Sx402 S are three-phase and single-phase integrated smart meters designed for measurement of active and reactive electrical energy of residential, commercial and industrial consumers / prosumers with communication and switching modules. Wide range of measurement values including power quality data in combination with large capacity of load profiles makes this meter a key tool for utilities for getting insights in overall condition of power supply network. Integrated LTE modem with 3G/2G backwards compatibility provides fast transmission of large volume of data to HES. Version with CAT M1 and NB-IoT modem is also available. Variety of additional interfaces available as option makes this meter suitable for smart home system implementations at residential consumers as well as data collection hub in MV/LV substations (ST402C). Optional support for prepaid over cellular network makes this meter applicable in diverse DSO environments.

Key Features

  • Measurement of electrical values
  • Integrated modem and switching device
  • Internal real-time clock with DST 
  • Flexible tariff policy with up to 8 tariffs 
  • Maximum demand 
  • Optical port 
  • MID certificate 
  • IDIS compliant
  • Fraud detection 
  • No-power reading and parameterization 
  • Billing profile
  • Fraud profile
  • Load profiles
  • Power limit 
  • Code red
  • Event logs
  • Measurement of energy quality
  • Prepaid as option
  • Firmware update
  • Variety of optional inputs/outputs
  • M-Bus port for G, W, H meters reading
    (Wireless M-Bus on demand)
  • Support for in-home customer display
  • High-level data security