Smart metering is in our DNA

Meter&Control has a long background in smart metering technology. The company stems from an early research of PLC technology conducted at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade in 1980’s by a team of engineers who devised one of the world’s first PLC modems, thus becoming pioneers in Automatic Meter Reading technology. Through the establishing of Meter&Control, this innovative project began its rapid commercial expansion followed by development of smart metering portfolio.

On top of technology

Committed to continuous improvement and serving the market with up-to-date solutions, we are consistently investing resources in four key components: standardization, quality, research&development and support. Meter&Control has a state-of-the-art R&D center, part of our integrated facility, which includes adopting and implementing new ideas and technologies, simulating real world environmental conditions and different network topologies, routine performance and reliability testing and internal and final verification.

Notified verification body

Meter&Control was the first private company in Serbia to become authorized body for meter verification. The verification department operates as an independent subsidiary of the company offering services to third parties.

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Meter&Control is a member of the leading industry associations.

Our Mission

Up-to-date and reliable solutions for smart energy management through early adoption of latest technologies, rounded-up development and production process and individual approach to client demands.

Our Vision

Leading independent company in the field of smart energy management, whose solutions create added energy, financial and ecological values.

Our Values

Meter&Control corporate values


Expertise, creativity and original thinking, continuously being in touch with latest industry trends and successful projects in international markets, constitute our knowledge and experience base in designing and manufacturing, as well as in readiness and competence for the most complex demands from our clients.


We are a trustworthy partner, right from the first contact, to our communication, our agreements, our professional solutions and completed projects. Quality of our products and services guarantees flawless operation in the long term. All our stakeholders have long-standing confidence in values which we create for them.


While building our company by strictest standards, we have also remained flexible regardless of the project size and complexity because we know it is impossible to plan every detail in advance. Without compromising on quality and reliability, our flexibility guarantees successful and complete realization of agreed projects.


Everything we strive for and create is smart in prefix and essence: from smart energy management, we develop, to smart preservation of the environment and natural resources we always have in mind. Our ultimate goal is to support and power smart cities and become their integral part by providing solutions for managing energy better.


At the beginning and at the end of everything we do are human beings: from people in our company who create ideas and solutions, to our clients and end consumers. We care about communities around us, about people whose lives we will improve, and about future generations who will inherit this planet and its resources.

Aligned with global standards

Our strong research and development capacities, as well as highest quality of products and services which we deliver to our customers, call for equally high level of standardization and quality management. At Meter&Control, we recognize the strategic role of quality management systems in reaching our goals and measuring and reviewing every organizational segment’s effectiveness in attaining these goals. All processes in our company are certified by relevant Quality Management System certificates.

Management System Policy
Quality management system standards